Gravity GR-805W Subwoofer - 8 inch - 4 Ohm - 800W
Gravity GR-805W Subwoofer - 8 inch - 4 Ohm - 800W
Gravity GR-805W Subwoofer - 8 inch - 4 Ohm - 800W
Gravity GR-805W Subwoofer - 8 inch - 4 Ohm - 800W
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Gravity GR-805W Subwoofer - 8 inch - 4 Ohm - 800W

Genuine NEW Gravity GR-805W 8" 1600 Watt Power Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer Audio Car | 2 Pairs

Product Highlights: 
A subwoofer is a speaker that's designed to reproduce bass. They cover the lower end range of frequencies that smaller speakers struggle with (6.5″, 6″ x 9″, and etc). A component sub can add a level of power and sound to your music that other speakers cant reproduce. It's one of the necessities to a well-rounded car stereo. Add one of the best car subwoofers to your stereo and you'll wonder how you listened to music without one.  Car subwoofers can make or break a new car audio system. We remember the first time we drove away from getting our subwoofer installed, and we really haven’t been able to go back to being without at least one in our car.

How to choose the best car subwoofer
Money – There are some subs that are budget-friendly and priced at under $200 and less, while others can go a bit higher but provide some more quality and power. How much you have saved up will help determine which direction to go. Are you building your own car sound system? Plan accordingly.

Watts of power? Well, we’ll be honest — the bigger isn’t always better. If you’re getting a subwoofer for your car, you’re already getting a lot of power and volume, so there definitely is threshold when it comes to “too much”. We’d recommend staying with 8".  If you have the space, I would recommend to get a 8" to have that all around bass.

Do you need it enclosed? When it comes to the best car subwoofers, some come without an enclosure (box to hold them in), while others are just the bare sub (we like this sealed or enclosed subs article here). The advantage of buying them bare is being able to make or buy your own enclosure to fit in (especially if you’re looking at adding two subs to your system, you can find an enclosure that fits two very nicely next to each other). We found some that are already enclosed for you while others that are the bare version to give you options.

This is huge for a small budget. This is one of the best car subwoofers in the budget-friendly realm and it has great performance. This is a new model by and the power seems to be improved from the previous generation. There is a cone woofer feature that offers accurate bass sound and when you carry the subwoofer, you will notice that it is lightweight. Even better, it offers great quality sound and high sensitivity that is definitely an awesome addition to any car.

Product Features:
High strength 8 inches steel basket
Double foam heavy duty polypropelene cone
23 Oz high energy magnet
4.3 vented and extended T-YOKE 
A long throw 1.5"  4 ohm kapton voice coil

Technical Details: 
Power :  1600 Watt
Frequency:  46 Hz
Sensitivity:  82 dB
Range:  40 - 1200 Hz
Excursion:  6.25  EXmax
DC resistance: 2*3.6 Re:ohm
Moving mass:  55 Mas
Voice coil diameter:  1.5in
Voice coil length:  0.73mm
Outer frame diameter:  220mm
Hole cut out diameter:  188mm
Mounting depth:  118mm
Magnet:  23 Oz
Additional information
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester