Audiotek AT-AP100 Processor
Audiotek AT-AP100 Processor
Audiotek AT-AP100 Processor
Audiotek AT-AP100 Processor
Audiotek AT-AP100 Processor
Audiotek AT-AP100 Processor
Audiotek AT-AP100 Processor
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Audiotek AT-AP100 Processor




  • Bass maximizer and bass restoration processor
  • Maximum Input Level: 15V RMS | Maximum Output Level: 13.5V Peak
  • Frequency Response: 10-100,000 Hz
  • Includes a dash mount remote control
  • Lighted bass restoration display

Binding: Electronics

model number: AT-AP100

Part Number: xbcdfui-730

Details: When it comes to your car audio system, bass is an extremely important factor. In order for you to truly enjoy the music in your vehicle, you will need to be able to hear your music’s low frequencies! Although adding a subwoofer to your car audio system will definitely allow you to hear more of those low frequencies, a bass restoration processor digitally restores that heart-pounding bass that is still missing from your music. Bass restoration processors are the perfect add-on for those who want the lowest hitting bass possible.

A bass restoration processor, also called a bass booster or bass restoration processor, such as Audiotek AP100, has multiple adjustments which allow the user to bring out the ideal amount of bass for their music. Most of the time, they have three types of Bass adjustments: frequency, width, and level. The frequency adjustment allows you to choose the specific frequencies you would like brought out in your music. This allows you to have complete control over the bass in your system. Width adjustments on bass restoration processors allow you to choose the amount of frequencies that are affected. You can adjust the processor to affect a wide or narrow bandwidth of frequencies around the selected frequency. For example, if you have set the processor to affect 30 Hz, a narrow setting would only mainly affect that frequency, while a wide setting would affect a large range of frequencies around 30 Hz. Lastly, you can adjust the amount of manipulation for that selected frequency at the selected width, with the level adjustment. If you would like to get the most bass possible, you can crank the level knob up. In addition, you can also turn it all the way down if you would like to. For convenient adjusting of this setting, this knob is usually located on an included bass remote.

Most bass restoration processors are the same, but the AT-AP100 is one of the best on the scene of mobile electronic. It has everything you need to improve your bass. You can conveniently adjust the level of the bass with the included Knob Control. It is the best processor for your hard earn money! Don't spend your money on what people call Epicenter and pay high price for the same or inferior bass enhancer. You need this, your sub is begging for this. I promise you, you will love this.

Bass maximizer and bass restoration processor
Accurately recreates and injects low frequency information back into a signal path
Efficient bass equalization circuit
Maximum bass control
Includes a dash mount remote control
Subsonic filter and bass level control
Lighted bass restoration display
Output level: 13.5v
Frequency response: 10-10000Hz output
Input noise rejection: 60dB

EAN: 0613464919483

Package Dimensions: 9.8 x 8.3 x 2.1 inches

Additional information
Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester